High Cap Funds


Do you have a LARGE commercial project that requires equity partner funding?

I am a processing facilitator, under contract and recently named a Vice President exclusively representing a private equity group for only large cap (over $50 MM) commercial transactions. I work closely with my project manager and other top team members of our Equity Group. I process to facilitate commercial projects and act as a gate keeper and now a sales trainer worldwide. We are not a lending loan source, nor a securities offering, we work only with private equity.

The standard terms of our non-recourse based on future value, are as follows:

1. Capital influx of 10% or readily raised by the group, with at least 1% reserves escrow available.

2. Full draws guaranteed in writing.

3. No up front gate fees for face to face meetings and term sheet issuance.

4. A single digit 30 year note repayment term is signed before draws, no prepayment penalty for early buyout of equity is required up to 100% loan to value commitment influx, with the reserves of 1% “skin in the game or proof of funds bank guarantee letters, (leased capital contribution is available) with 20% to 30% equity positions by the group.

5. The minimum projects considered are required to begin at $50 million future value. Some exceptions with very high ‘ready’ ROI’s over 20% in the first 36 months. Time of group draw varies, but normally start after due diligence completed in 45 – 90 days. Term Sheets in 40 days possible in most cases, with full complete submissions.